Game Trust Wins Web/Downloadable Game of the Year from Billboard

Game Trust Wins
“Web/Downloadable Game of the Year” from Billboard


“Shroomz: The Quest for Puppy”
awarded coveted prize at Digital Entertainment Awards



– “Shroomz: Quest for Puppy,” a
fast-paced puzzle game with fairytale storyline, received “Best
Web/Downloadable Game of the Year” at the inaugural Billboard Digital
Entertainment Awards in Los Angeles.  An acclaimed panel of entertainment and
gaming heavyweights judged the category. 


“Shroomz” breaks the mold for
casual games by integrating a rich story with novel game play.  Already, the
game has attracted millions of player with over 30 levels, exciting twists,
and beautiful graphics.  Players assume the role of Bashful, a “wee lass”
outfitted with boxing gloves, who navigates a puzzling underworld of
mushrooms, magic potions, bombs, and cobwebs to rescue her lost puppy.


“Shroomz” was released by
Game Trust
, the global leader
infrastructure for transactions and community features in casual games, as
part of the Game Plan program.  Leading casual game developers from around the
world produce titles, such as “Shroomz,” under Game Plan, receiving marketing
assistance, integration fees, and a revenue share from skill tournaments,
subscriptions, and download sales.  Every game title released through the Game
Plan program gains access to over 100 million players per month through the
extensive Game Trust distribution network.


In the heat of the excitement
and fanfare of the awards ceremony, Game Trust Founder and CEO Adeo Ressi
exclaimed, “First I’d like to thank my family, then I’d like to thank the
members of the Academy, and I’d like to thank everyone who made ‘Shroomz’ and,
yes, I’d like to thank everyone who’s experienced ‘Shroomz.’”


Learn more about “Shroomz” and
the Game Plan program at
. Game Trust is currently accepting applications to
integrate exciting new casual game titles in the quest to win next year’s
award as well.


About Game

Founded in 2002, Game Trust ( ) has developed the
leading platform for premium game play.  The Game Frame v4 platform is the
industry standard for deploying community and transaction within online casual
games. Licensed by leading distribution outlets worldwide, the platform
reaches a combined audience in excess of 100 million players per month.  Award
winning games, such as “Shroomz,” are released by leading developers on the
platform to reach millions of players with new premium play models.  The
Company is venture backed with offices in New York and Denmark.