Game Industry Mavericks Launch Gamecock Media Group

February 12, 2007

Game Industry Mavericks Launch Gamecock Media

Former Executives of Gathering of Developers (G.O.D.)
Announce New Independent Artist-Driven Video Game Publishing Company

Intent on bringing originality and a sense of
humor back to video gaming, the former executives of Gathering of Developers (G.O.D.)
have risen from the ashes like the mighty Phoenix (if said Phoenix was a six
foot tall boxing rooster) to announce the launch of a major new independent game
publisher, Gamecock Media Group.

Two of the most successful entrepreneurs in the
history of the game industry — Mike Wilson, former CEO of G.O.D. and rooster
enthusiast has joined forces with Harry Miller, former president of G.O.D. and
Cockpit thumb wrestling champion three years running — are fully versed in the
substantial structural and financial issues that have been plaguing today’s
goliath game companies. Gamecock Media Group will offer a welcome solution – a
well-funded, independent, artist-driven game publishing company – to the bloated
and originality-starved industry.

Taking its lead from the rise of the independent
film movement, Gamecock Media Group will favor only the most innovative and
original video game developers in the industry. The company will be
relationship-driven, offering its developers a high-degree of participation and
the freedom and financial incentives to perform to their utmost abilities.

“The major publishers have been focusing on safe
bets – large budget games often attached to major licenses or sequels,” said
Mike Wilson, CEO of Gamecock. “This insufficient emphasis on the creation of
original game properties has created major dissatisfaction among the industry’s
most talented game designers and has made the current system unpalatable. In
other words, things are getting stale. We aim to change that.”

Already the industry’s most creative developers
are clamoring to work with Gamecock and the company has signed several major
original titles across multiple platforms. Alex Seropian, founder and CEO of
Bungie, creators of the best-selling Xbox franchise, Halo, has a title in the

“These guys have a stellar track record and a
reputation for producing innovative titles,” said Alex Seropian. “Their ability
to identify and develop new hit properties from new teams and then market them
successfully worldwide is virtually unmatched.”

Gamecock already has strong global distribution
alliances in place offering access to a worldwide market opportunity. And, the
company’s lean production studio approach allows the advantage of being agile
and able to adapt to new trends and developments including leading the way for
digital distribution.

Based in the downtown Victorian that was once
Austin’s first hospital, Gamecock Media Group will be the most attractive avenue
for publication and promotion for today’s “new generation” of independent
developers with innovative content. According to Harry Miller, “The success of
these innovators has been the building blocks for the gaming industry and is the
way the industry should continue its incomparable growth.”

Gamecock has five titles currently in development
for next-gen platforms, handheld and PC. They are as follows:

  • Fury: Developed by Auran, Fury is a massively
    multiplayer “player vs. player” game for PC scheduled to be released for the
    2007 holiday season.
  • Insecticide: Developed by Crackpot
    Entertainment, Insecticide is a stunning film noir action/adventure game set
    in a decaying world run by bugs. It will be available for the 2007 holiday
    season on handheld TBA and PC.
  • Mushroom Men: Developed by Red Fly Studios,
    Mushroom Men is an incredibly detailed stylized world where mushrooms have
    taken on human-like feature and are now embroiled in a civil war. This is
    slated for a spring 2008 release on a next-gen console and handheld, both TBA.
  • Hail to the Chimp: Developed by Wideload
    Games, Hail to the Chimp is an impossible-to-classify party game based on
    politics in the animal kingdom. The game is scheduled for release in spring
    2008 for next-gen consoles TBA.
  • Hero: Developed by Firefly Studios, Hero is a
    brutal but comical romp through the “real” world of medieval dungeons. It will
    be coming to a next-gen console TBA and PC in spring 2009.

For more information on Gamecock and each
developer’s titles, please visit