GAME: Xbox One pre-orders ‘very strong’

Microsoft has faced tons of backlash since unveiling its next-gen console, but despite the criticisms, UK retailer GAME has revealed that pre-orders for the Xbox One have been "very strong." No specific numbers were revealed, but the retailer did say they've seen "great activity both in store and online with very strong pre-order numbers."

"There are lot of gamers out there in the UK gaming community who can't wait to get their hands on the console," a GAME representative told

There's been a lot of speculation surrounding pre-order numbers for both the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 since both were shown off for a second time at E3 last week. With all of the mudslinging between both sides, everyone is eager to declare the next-gen winner; although, the battle has only just begun.

"Both Sony and Microsoft have been extremely dedicated fanbases here in UK," the rep added, "and pre-orders for both of these next generation consoles have been performing strongly following their announcement."

Both consoles had their price revealed during last week's E3. Xbox One will launch in November for $499, with the PS4 releasing this holiday season for $399. Prices aside, the concern surrounding the consoles has more to do with always-connect requirements, stricter DRM, and the ability to play/sell pre-owned games.