GAME: PS4 pre-orders ‘performing very well’

The next-generation of gaming is off to a good start, or so it seems. Speaking to, GAME — UK's leading game retailer — has revealed that PlayStation 4 pre-orders are "performing very well." Consumers can currently head over to the GAME website and lay down a deposit for the PS4 for just £20.00. However, this doesn't guarantee you'll receive a PlayStation console at launch; it just places you in line. 

"Just like the rest of the gaming community, we were glued to the coverage of the Sony announcement," GAME's category director Charlotte Knight said. "We moved really quickly to get our PlayStation 4 pre-orders up and live and we saw a huge amount of excitement right from the word 'go'."

 "Our PlayStation 4 pre-orders are performing very well so far," she revealed. Knight believes the arrival of the PS4 will help boost retail sales for the lagging video game industry. Many blame consumer fatigue with this generation for the slumping sales.

"Whilst that might change as the gaming landscape evolves, right now we can be certain that the next generation of consoles will boost retail sales," she continued. "On top of that, it will mobilize developers to keep pushing the boundaries of gaming – and that's great for both gamers and for the industry as a whole."

"There's been incredible excitement and interest and we expect to see that build as more details are announced," Knight concluded. Looking ahead toward E3, many are hoping Sony finally reveals what the actual PS4 console looks like. We've already seen the new DualShock 4 controller and images of the PS4's interface, but we've yet to see the actual casing of the system.