Game of Thrones author on 2018 plans: “I do think you will have a Westeros book from me’

"... and who knows, maybe two."

With the Game of Thrones TV Show getting underway, the story's creator George R.R. Martin has been quite busy himself. On top of talking "successor shows," Martin is also hard at work on two Game of Thrones books, one of which is called Fire and Blood, and is described as a volume on the "histories of the Targaryen kings."

The other is, of course, The Winds of Winter, the upcoming sixth official novel in the Game of Thrones saga. Martin offered up an update on both in a blog post just a couple of days ago.

On Fire and Blood, Martin said,"We have so much material that it's been decided to publish the book in two volumes. The first of those will cover the history of Westeros from Aegon's Conquest up to and through the regency of the boy king Aegon III (the Dragonbane)."

Martin described the book as "largely written," and thinks the first volume should hit shelves sometime in "late 2018 or early 2019." Volume II, however, is "largely unwritten" and is still a few years away. 

On Winds of Winter, he said: "I am still working on it, I am still months away." He didn't dive into any concrete details but did say that it was possible that the book could come in 2018. 

Whether WINDS or the first volume of FIRE AND BLOOD will be the first to hit the bookstores is hard to say at this juncture, but I do think you will have a Westeros book from me in 2018… and who knows, maybe two. A boy can dream…

And dream we will.

In the meantime, you can check out the Game of Thrones TV Show every Sunday at 9 PM EST on HBO.

Source: [George R.R. Martin via Gamespot]