Game downloads added to Club Nintendo offerings

Club Nintendo is a fun little rewards program, which lets players earn points by registering their games and completing short surveys on them, points which can be redeemed for everything from crappy computer wallpapers to exclusive DS games. The thing is, Club Nintendo's wares have always been a bit scarse, especially when compared to some of the swag Japan gets (golden Nunchuk? I want.) Thankfully Nintendo has just revealed their newest incentive to members, full game downloads for the Wii and 3DS.

As someone who's been looking for something to play on my 3DS (still waiting on a Mario / Zelda price drop), these deals seem rather enticing, especially with 3D Classics Xevious clocking in at just 100 points. Also available is are Mario Kart (100 points) and Fluidity (150 points) for Wii, and Mario vs. Donkey Kong: Minis March Again (150 points) for the 3DS. Strangely though, the Mario vs. Donkey Kong code can only be redeemed in the 3DS eShop, even though the title debuted on DSiWare. Seems like last generation customers are getting unfairly shoved aside to make way for the new. 

The deals last until January 10th, when they will hopefully be replaced with a new round of downloads. We very much like this attempt to make Club Nintendo a legitimate service, though we hope Nintendo will also find new ways for players to earn points other than just by buying things.