Game Boy Advance games headed to the 3DS eShop?

The 3DS eShop page on Nintendo Australia's website is indicating that Game Boy Advance titles will be landing on the retro gaming platform. While only a port of the NES version of Dr. Mario is currently listed under that section, it appears that the Big N may bring handheld favorites from the DS's predecessor to the eShop.

When Nintendo dropped the price of the original 3DS, it awarded early adopters through its Ambassador Program with 10 Game Boy Advance downloads. Since then, we haven't seen these games made available for the rest of the 3DS crowd.

It makes sense that Game Boy Advance games would be released as downloadable titles on the eShop. We already see Game Boy and Game Boy Color titles on the system. Why not throw in some cool Game Boy Advance games?

Still no word on when this feature will be added to the eShop service. Here's hoping it's soon, though. What Game Boy Advance classics would you like to play on your 3DS? Personally, I've always wanted to check out DK Jungle Climber!


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