Gal*Gun: Double Peace gets $90 DLC that lets you see through clothes

But... isn't that what those "special" sites are for?

The PlayStation 4 and Vita were hit with a racy new game from Japan earlier this week, Gal*Gun: Double Peace. In the game, you are suddenly irresistible to your female schoolmates and must fend them off in an anime-style rail-shooter, while trying to woo the girl of your dreams.

The M-rated game garnered some attention prior to release for accidentally printing an E-rating on the back of Vita version's box, but now it's back in the limelight.

This time, it's for DLC that gives you the ability to see through clothing instantly, using the game's zoom feature. Now, that's not the part that is absurd, what is absurd is that this 'Pheromone Z' add-on costs $90. 

That's right, in addition to the game's $60 price, players will have to pay $89.99 to see through clothing – something that a modder could do in seconds if given the opportunity. However, if $90 is too much for you to pay to see naked people, there's always the $9.99 'Demon's Meat Buns' DLC that enhances the chest size of the students, but let's honest, those two pieces of DLC are probably best purchased together.