Gaijin posts an update on Runner 2

Gaijin Games posted a blog entry with some info on its progress with Runner 2. So far, it seems like the team is working hard on the game, and it's starting to look really cool. There's really only one in-game shot (pictured above), and Gaijin stated that it's still unfinished, but I'm pretty impressed nonetheless.

Runner 2's style is really starting to shine through, and the game has a nice look to it. Personally, I can't wait to see the game in action. Here's hoping Gaijin releases some gameplay footage in the near future.

Some concept sketches were also posted on the Runner 2 Dev Blog. Apparently, the devs are giving good ol' CommanderVideo a more pillow-like look. According to Gaijin, the design is "going for more of the '50s / '60s stylings."

I'm really digging the style of Runner 2. The game has all the potential in the world to be an incredible sequel. Gaijin, we'll be waiting hungrily for your next update and hopefully some gameplay videos.