G4 Dismisses Battlefield 3’s Campaign as “Completely Unnecessary”

Battlefield fanboys have been furious with G4's own Adam Sessler and Blair Herter ever since the duo went live with their two-part Battlefield 3 video review. The verdict? 4 stars out of 5, the less than perfect score resulting in waves of scornful message board posts and terrifying hate mail. The two men felt the response was so severe that they decided to follow-up their review, claiming to stand by their score, and reiterating that Battlefield's single player simply fell short of what they expect from a 5 star game.

"As much as the multiplayer is top-notch Battlefield awesomeness, the campaign is completely unnecessary" Blair Herter begins. He later says: "We cannot judge a game like this based on its multiplayer, especially when they've talked so much about how engaging the single player campaign is going to be."

"This really… it just kind of flatlines" Adam agreed, citing how much fun the multiplayer is, though again stating that the single-player was too disapointing to earn the game the perfect score fanboys are crying for. 

Meanwhile, GameZone's own Michael Splechta felt the game deserved a solid 9.0. Who do you agree with, those chumps at G4 or the brilliant journalistic minds at GameZone?