FUNimation Acquires Disgaea Anime

Anime publisher FUNimation has announced today that they have acquired the home entertainment, broadcast and digital rights for the anime adaptation of the popular NIS strategy role-playing game Disgaea. The 12-episode series is directed by Kiyotaka Isako (“Love Hina” and Utawarerumono”) and will be released on DVD in 2011. The first episode can currently be seen dubbed in English on the official NIS website.

About the series: The Netherworld is in chaos since the death of its Overlord. His demon son sets out to claim the throne, accompanied in his adventures by an angel-assassin trainee, and his demon underling who controls an army of minions. Along the way they’ll meet a variety of friends and foes including curvy scientists, healers, samurai and more. When three major powers –demons, angels, and humans—vie for control, obtaining and maintaining the title of Overlord won’t be easy.

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