Funcom secures 5 million in financing from Nordic Venture Partners

Funcom secures ç5 million in
financing from Nordic Venture Partners

Durham, USA – August 29, 2005 –
Funcom, a world leading developer and publisher of subscription-based online
games like ‘Anarchy Online’ and ‘Age of Conan – Hyborian Adventures’, has
secured a ç5 million equity investment from Nordic Venture Partners (NVP). The
investment is a further testament to Funcom being a world-class developer and
publisher of online games, and will further aid the company in developing and
publishing online games.

“This is another great recognition
of Funcom as Europe’s premier developer of MMOG’s (Massively Multiplayer Online
Games), and serves as a tribute to the company and the quality of our games and
technology” said Torleif Ahlsand, Chairman of the Board of Directors in Funcom
and Partner in Northzone Ventures. ”There is a considerable market potential for
subscription-based online games, and Funcom is a leader in technology and
quality within the segment. We are very glad to have NVP on board to further
develop one of the most exciting creative environments in the Nordic region, and
we feel confident they will aid us in becoming even better at creating
world-class online products.”

“Being one of the leading
information and communication technology investments funds in the Nordic region
we are only looking for the very best technology companies, and we feel
confident Funcom fits great in our portfolio” said Claus Hjbjerg Andersen,
Partner in NVP and new Boardmember of Funcom. “We are convinced of Funcom’s
unique quality and their world-class staff and technology. Our aim is to improve
the business side of Funcom even further, thus supporting the company in
realizing their creative visions. The goal is to turn Funcom into a global
powerhouse for subscription-based online games, and our investment will aid the
company in evolving to the next level.”

“The continued success of ‘Anarchy
Online’ and the incredible feedback on ‘Age of Conan’ at E3 this year proves our
ability to develop and maintain world-class online games” said Trond Arne Aas,
CEO of Funcom. “We are naturally pleased by the recent investment from NVP and
their active involvement in Funcom. With the support of NVP and our other
investors, we have the potential of taking a leading role in the content and
technology-development in the next generation of online games. This investment
also aids us in preparing even better for launching exciting new content on the
upcoming consoles and Windows Vista.”

Funcom Portfolio highlights:

Age of Conan – Hyborian Adventures,
Windows (In development) ‘Best MMO E3 2005’,, ‘Most innovative game
of E3 2005’ (finalist),

Dreamfall: The Longest Journey,
Windows Xbox (In development) ‘Best adventure game E3 2004’,,,

Anarchy Online – Lost Eden, Windows
(In development) ‘Best expansion pack E3 2005 (runner-up)’,

Anarchy Online – Alien Invasion,
Windows (2004) ‘Expansion pack of the year 2004’,

Anarchy Online – Shadowlands,
Windows (2003) ‘Expansion pack of the year 2003’,, ‘Outstanding
Achievement in Art Direction’,

Anarchy Online – Notum Wars, Windows
(2002) ‘Expansion pack of the year 2002’, Computer Gaming World

Anarchy Online, Windows (2001)
‘Online Game of the year 2001’, PC gamer US, ‘Best Online game E3 2001’, ‘Best
Online Game ECTS 2001’

The Longest Journey, Windows (2000)
‘Adventure game of the year 2000’, PC gamer US,,,,

Championship Motorcross 2001,
Playstation (2001)

Championship Motorcross feat. Ricky
Carmichael, Playstation (1999)

Speedfreaks, Playstation (1999)

NBA Hangtime, Super NintendoSega MD

Pocahontas, Sega Genesis (1996)

Casper – The friendly ghost,
Playstation (1995) Funcom is currently developing three Massively Multiplayer
Online Games, including ‘Age of Conan – Hyborian Adventures’ and ‘Anarchy Online
– Lost Eden’.