Funcom Introduces Tiered Subscription System in Anarchy Online

January 23, 2008

Introduces Tiered Subscription System in Anarchy Online

The first video from the new graphics engine
revealed as heralded MMO looks ahead

Funcom announces the introduction of a tiered
subscription system in Anarchy Online, and players can now choose between three
subscriptions plans going from free-to-play to 5 to 14,95 USD / EUR a month. The
newest subscription level means that gamers can access the areas and content in
the Shadowlands expansion pack for only 5 USD / EUR a month, thereby offering
one of the most profound, engaging and deep online experiences around for a low
monthly cost.

The new areas which open up for the 5 USD a month
subscribers are all located in the Shadowlands. This expansion pack got an
incredible review score average, several awards and great critical acclaim when
it launched, and is one of the most heralded MMO expansions of all time. The
expansion not only gives players massive new areas to explore, it also
introduces lots of new features as well as a chance to reach the maximum level
in Anarchy Online.

Click here to download the new Anarchy Online video.

“A lot of our free players have really wanted to
explore more of Anarchy Online, without committing to a premium subscription. We
therefore hope that many will take advantage of the option we are now giving
them,” said Craig Morrison, Producer and Game Director on Anarchy Online. “With
a great range of subscription choices, a brand new graphics engine and a
constant update of fresh content we aim to deliver a great MMO experience for
many years to come.”

The new subscription tier comes on top of the
existing business models in Anarchy Online, and avid MMO gamers can still play
the classic version of Anarchy Online entirely for free. In addition, Funcom
continue to focus on premium subscribers, who get access to absolutely all which
Anarchy Online has to offer for 14.95 a month.

Anarchy Online was the first of the major western
MMO’s to go for a free-to-play business model in 2004, and through the years
Funcom has introduced numerous progressive models. Ranging from being the first
game with dynamic in-game advertisement to being a pioneer in introducing
digital downloads, free-to-play models, free trials, paid virtual items and
more, Funcom keeps on exploring new approaches to running a MMO. The
introduction of a tiered subscription system is meant to further extend the
success of Anarchy Online, while giving Funcom customers even more choices in
how they want to access the game.

Anarchy Online have to date entertained more than
1.3 million gamers, and continues to attract new players in the hundreds of
thousands. As Anarchy Online goes into its seventh year of operation Funcom also
looks ahead, and a great new graphics engine will be launched later this year.
Funcom is therefore proud to reveal the first video from the new engine, showing
what the Anarchy Online players can expect in the years to come.

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