Funcom announces Anarchy Online – Lost Eden

Funcom announces Anarchy Online –
Lost Eden

Unleash the fury of the heavens –
Delve into temptation and wreak havoc

Durham, USA — May 6, 2005 – Funcom
announces `Anarchy Online – Lost Eden’, an action-filled new expansion pack for
the ultimate sci-fi MMORPG. Set for release in early winter, `Lost Eden’ is
packed with exciting new features and abilities, including massive orbital
battle stations, player controlled battle Mechs, vast PvP upgrades, encounters
inside alien motherships, extensive alternative character advancement options
and more.

`Lost Eden’ sees mankind pulling out
all the stops against the alien invaders as gigantic battle stations are
deployed in orbit around Rubi-Ka. As fire rains from the heavens humanity
finally seems to gain the upper hand. But with great power comes great
temptation, and Omni-Tek and the Clans both see the ultimate means to gain total
supremacy for their side; the orbital battle stations.

Rubi-Ka, once the birthplace of
mankind and the garden of Eden, now a place of havoc and death. Will humanity
finally get it right, or will their own aggression see the downfall of both the
alien invaders and themselves?

"With `Lost Eden’ we are continuing
our focus on the unique sci-fi aspects in `Anarchy Online’, and we are giving
our players extensive new gameplay options" said Game Director Morten Byom. "The
ability to raid and control orbital battle stations, steer powerful battle Mechs,
fight inside the motherships and new character advancement options should bring
great fun to all of our players."

Feature Highlights

  • Fight for orbital supremacy by
    conquering level based battle stations in large PvP battles. Unleash the fury
    of the heavens.

  • Feel the power of controlling huge
    Mechs on the battlefield.

  • Crush the alien forces. Enter vast
    dungeons in the heart of alien motherships

  • Build and customize yourself
    further with advanced experience rewards. Boost your character with new
    special attacks and special stat bonuses.

  • Partake in the escalated Omni-Tek
    vs. Clan conflict. Help your side to win as you call air strikes, use
    artillery, mine the battlefield, and unleash havoc from inside your mech.

  • Protect your Notum bases with new
    SAM installations and stationary guns

  • Wield new weapons, items and

  • Embark on exciting new quests

  • And more…

Additional changes and updates to
the game will be implemented in the time towards the release of `Lost Eden’,
including graphical updates.

More information and updates can be
found on the official website: 

To download the free full version of
Anarchy Online: 

Since the launch of `Anarchy Online’
the game and its expansion packs has gone on to win a horde of awards. The game
has pioneered the MMORPG genre, and is considered to be the ultimate sci-fi
MMORPG. More than one million players have registered since launch.

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