Fruit Ninja VR On PS4; A Fun Flail Fest with Less Chance of Getting Hurt

Fruit salads just got more interesting

Fruit Ninja VR has reached the PlayStation 4 market and… it looks surprisingly fun. The original Fruit Ninja was one of the original games back in 2010 that made touchscreens appealing for gaming, even if it was just a swipe-fest. But now it's joined the world of virtual reality.

Similar to the original, Fruit Ninja VR looks simple but fun. With the addition of actual katanas, players can do more than just swipe at the fruit. Juggling fruit on the flat side of your sword to pop it back up for a slash for instance really adds to the skill shots one can pull off. Stabbing fruit is also an option.

Fruit Ninja VR was on the HTC Vive and the Oculus Rift initially. But it's now available on PlayStation VR, the cheapest and most approachable of the three VR heavyweights. Also be sure to check out our complete holiday guide for Virtual Reality.