From Silverfall Village to Mirror Necropolis

July 20, 2008

From Silverfall Village to Mirror

Third region of Runes of Magic
details released

Today, Frogster Interactive revealed
detailed information about the third region of the fantasy world in Runes of
Magic. The so-called Aslan valley is a glen from primitive times. There are
plenty of resources available like water and wood, but the humans settling on
this continent disregard their value. For this reason alone the area still
retains its original appearance and was not destroyed by human greed.

According to the tribes, who value
the forces of nature, it is a place of ancient and immense power. Every
civilization, who dares not to submit to nature’s will, risks total

More details about the most
fascinating areas in the Aslan Valley are explained in game design document No.
2 which has just been published. Together with some nice new screenshots, it is
available on the official website. PC adventurers can register for beta today