Frogster to Add Plant System to Runes of Magic

April 30, 2009


Green Fingered Players Will Gain
Access to Valuable Resources

Frogster America, Inc. today
announced that it will soon introduce a new plant cultivation system for Runes
of Magic, the Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game (MMORPG) that is
redefining the standard for free-to-play titles. The new feature gives players
the opportunity to grow and harvest plants from the fantasy world of Taborea,
giving them access to valuable crafting resources. The plant system will be
deployed across the servers in one of the up-coming updates and is currently
live on the test server.

For successful planting, players
will need a pot which they can then set up in their player’s house. There will
be a wide range of different plants to choose from, and seeds can either be
dropped by slain foes, or bought in the Item Shop. The quality of the seeds
defines the yield of the plants once they have grown to maturity. Players who
regularly water their plants and fertilize them with magical runes will find
that within three to seven days they will have a harvest. The plants have the
chance of producing a rare yield and will need to be cared for especially well.
If players neglect their plants, they’ll wither and die after a few days.

Once the plants have grown, players
will finally see the fruits of their labor. The extent of the yield from the
plants ranges from special runes, which adventurers can use to upgrade their
character’s equipment, to ores, wood and new plants. With the right kind of
seeds, the harvest can even produce rare "blue" crafting material.

About Runes of Magic With an
extensive range of features Runes of Magic is redefining the standard for
free-to-play titles. Runes of Magic conveys an absorbing story through more than
1,600 quests in an exciting and dangerous fantasy world. Players can choose
between six main classes and combined with a secondary class, choose to create a
character from 30 character class combinations. All characters possess unique
skills with impressive combo attacks and can use mounts including war horses.

A particularly attractive feature
for guilds and players is the ability to decorate their own virtual homes with
individual furnishings. Thanks to an extensive crafting and reputation system,
thrilling PVP, as well as demanding dungeons and boss monsters, Runes of Magic
has something for everyone. The Taiwanese developer Runewaker, has developed
Runes of Magic according to western MMO standards and put more than three years
of development into the game. The studio will continue to provide new challenges
for players every four to five months with free add-ons and updates. MMO fans
can find more information, pictures and videos on the official website at:

Runes of Magic features:

  • Free-to-play: no monthly fees,
    free download

  •  Extensive dual class system
    (six primary and secondary classes)

  • Versatile spell- and
    attack-combinations Enthralling background story More than 1,600 quests and
    quest series

  • No zone boundaries thanks to
    seamless architecture Dungeons: Instanced and tile based as well as persistent

  • Individually developable skills
    and spells

  • Armor sets with special bonuses

  • Dynamic item system with hundreds
    of runes for upgrading

  • Optional PvP system with arena
    battles and guild wars

  • Ranking system with player-ranking

  • Multitude of unique mounts

  • Epic crafting system with the
    chance to improve existing items

  • Personalization of player houses
    through individual furnishing

  • Reputation system Customizable
    user interface with the option to use Add-Ons

  • Map and radar system to find
    dealers, resources and quests easily

  • In-game auction houses for trading

  • Teleport-Runes for instant travel

  • Mouse and keyboard controls for

  • Regular updates with new content

  • Guild castles in special zones

  • Cross-server fights in
    three-server-battle in development