Frogster Celebrates the Successful Launch of Runes of Magic

March 20, 2009

Celebrates the Successful Launch of Runes of Magic

Nearly 700,000 players now
populate Taborea

Frogster America, Inc. today
announced that the official launch of Runes of Magic, the Massively Multiplayer
Online Role-Playing Game (MMORPG) that is redefining the standard for
free-to-play titles, has exceeded all expectations. The game added considerably
to its registered users with nearly 700,000 players registered worldwide. Runes
of Magic is available as a free download from the official website at:

To handle the rush of players, the
Runes of Magic team has already added an additional European server to the
line-up. This means that there are now nine German and English game worlds up
and running. On the most frequented servers, character creation for new players
has been capped until further notice to accommodate the rush of new players.
Only existing avatars can log on to ‘Laoch’ and ‘Aotacht’. Should any other
servers reach their full load, additional server capacity is on hand to
accommodate additional players and ensure the fans have the best possible gaming

Anyone who has not yet registered
can do so for free at the official website and begin adventuring immediately.
Players with existing accounts can continue to use their characters created
during the beta and can also expect an expanded game world in comparison with
the previous open beta version. New quests and an epic quest series, as well as
new instances, offer fresh game content. A final fine-tuning of the German and
English translations and bug fixes have also been implemented.

The fantasy world will soon been
expanded with the addition of ‘Ravenfell’, a coastal area with a distinct pirate
feel. The game world will be further complemented by regular updates following
the release.