Freesky Online: Closed Beta Quickly Coming

May 4, 2009

Online: Closed Beta Quickly Coming

The Freesky Online closed beta test
will be released at 9:00pm on May 7th, 2009(GMT-4). For all you potential beta
testers out there don’t worry, your hard earned information and character data
will be retained. The majestic castles, vast fleets, and miraculous miracles
will be ready to greet players shortly. In addition, the activation page for
Freesky Online will be released on May 4rd (GMT-4), and players can visit the
page to use their activation codes to activate accounts.

Freesky Online has prepared a lot of
events for players to win registration codes. Check out these events and get
your CB code now!

  1. Alliance Recruitment – The
    Alliance leader will be given plenty of activation codes, and the Alliance can
    apply to create a special group in the forum with the Alliance name.

  2. Post for activation codes – Post a
    thread containing content relating to Freesky Online in other forums. Each
    player can earn only 3 activation codes at most.

  3. Blog Event – Players can link
    Freesky’s pictures to their blogs, share wonderful moments with their friends
    and get activation codes.

Note: All character info, including
character data will be retained.

For more information, please sat
tuned to the official site