Free Running Leaps onto Wii for the North American gamers

September 17,


Free Running Leaps onto Wii
for the North American gamers


Graffiti Entertainment Inc
– a subsidiary of Signature Devices, Inc. – today announced that it has
secured an exclusive distribution deal with Reef Entertainment to publish
‘Free Runningin North America. This smash-hit extreme sports game
on PS2 and PSP, is heading (and leaping) to Wii.


Free Running, or Le
Parkour as it is know in France where it originated in the late 1990’s, is
the latest extreme sport. It involves running, jumping and performing death
defying tricks through/over urban environments.


Free Running is about
‘following your own way’ as founder Sébastien Foucan says. It’s about being
at one with the environment, challenging yourself, maintaining and
developing aesthetically positive, smooth and attractive moves and tricks as
you progress through structures, buildings and urban areas.



  • Become the best Free
    Runner in the world once you’ve mastered the precision and   
    flexibility of the Wii RemoteTM and NunchukTM
    controllers on the Wii to perform the most amazing tricks and moves.

  • 60 unique challenges,
    over 10 levels in 3 environments; Urban Jungle, Docklands & Inner City.

  • 9 different single and
    multiplayer modes including ‘Race’, ‘Trick’ and ‘Target’ modes.

  • Completely free
    roaming gameplay – go anywhere, climb anything!

  • Unlock New Characters,
    Clothes, Music and Tricks and Moves as you progress through the game.

  • Dazzle yourself with
    stunning combinations of Tricks and Moves in some of the most dangerous
    and death-defying environments!

  • Recreate your favorite
    Parkour and Free Running moves and techniques in exact detail!

Free Running

will be released in Q4 2009.