Free Xbox LIVE Gold weekend incoming, thanks BioShock Infinite

Next weekend Xbox 360 owners will be treated to a free weekend of Xbox LIVE Gold. Well, it's free if you aren't already a subscriber. You can thank Irrational Games and 2K Games for BioShock Infinite, which is listed as the sponsor. Although the game doesn't release until March 26, the free weekend of Xbox LIVE Gold will begin on March 8, 12:01 GMT and conclude on March 10, 23:59 GMT.

During this time you'll be able to access many Xbox LIVE features that are normally locked to non-subscribers. This includes the ability to play games online with friends, watch movies, listen to music, and play around with Xbox SmartGlass.

Good guy, BioShock, always bringing us things we love for free. While you're enjoying Xbox LIVE Gold for free, why don't you show a little love and check out the BioShock Infinite Xbox Avatar Collection?

For more details head over the Xbox LIVE hub page.