Free-To-Play Model is the Future; SWTOR is the Last MMO of its Kind

At the London Games Conference of 2011, Gamebrief's Nicholas Lovell (Tech Weekly) makes the statement that Star Wars: The Old Republic will be the last major MMO.  Games such as SWTOR and World of Warcraft will be the last successful subscription-based MMOs.   The basis or this argument is that the free-to-play model is the future.

Thinking of this topic like a domino effect, if a future huge developer releases their MMO as free to play – and is successful, who would play a different the subscription MMO?  How many people are willing to pay multiple subscriptions for multiple games at a time?  I’ve personally never paid for more than one at a time.  Usually if I’m playing a subscription game, I’m not playing any other game – especially other subscription games. 

Take a successful free-to-play game like Riot’s League of Legends.  The company still makes money though micro transactions to buy skins, characters, and boots.  I’ve spent money.  My friends have spent money.  We still play the game.  I can see how this new model will be successful.

So as BioWare and Blizzard milks us with monthly subscription fees, know that the future could be changing.  So whether you’re an orc or a Jedi, your time paying may be coming to an end.  Until then though, SWTOR has the potential to hurt they old piggybank.