Frank O’ Connor: Xbox 360 isn’t nearing end of its life cycle

Despite wide speculation that the next generation of consoles are set to be unveiled in the coming months, with a possible 2014 launch, some still fully believe that this generation still has much to offer to its users, including 343 Industries’ Frank O’ Connor.

In a thorough interview with, O’ Connor was asked if he believed the Xbox 360 was at the end of its lifestyle, in which he responded interestingly:

"The funny thing is I've been asked that question a lot, I think it's natural as we start looking forward to the next generation of hardware. But I would actually strongly contest the fact that the Xbox 360 is at the end of its life cycle, this has already been one of the longest generations and there's a really good reason for it, which is that current consoles are incredibly flexible and still really powerful. The reason that Halo 4 looks good is that that machine has an awful lot of untapped power still and it's going to continue to."

O’Connor went on to praise Microsoft’s push to turn the 360 into a full fledged media console where gamers can enjoy their favorite titles, listen to their music, and view their favorite movies and TV shows. He also believes that consumers are not ready to invest in a $500 console, especially those who currently own consoles only for the media aspect of it.

We now turn to you, the readers. Do you believe we’re ready for a new set of consoles from Sony and Microsoft, or do you stand on the side of Mr. Frank O’ Connor? Let us know by commenting below.

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