FRAG 4 Rules and Regulations Released


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CPL Press Center has issued the following press release:

FRAG 4 Rules and Regulations Released

The CPL released today the official rules, regulations and schedule for the FRAG
4 Quake III Team Tournament and the Quake III All-Female Tournament. The CPL
requires that all tournament participants read and understand the rules and
regulations of the CPL before arriving at the tournament. Questions about these
rules should be directed to the CPL Commissioner, Michael Wardwell, via email at 

1. General CPL Rules of Conduct – 
2. FRAG 4 Schedule – 
3. Rules for the Quake III Team Tournament – 
4. Rules for the Quake III All-Female Tournament – 

Download an 11 kilobyte zipped file containing all of the FRAG 4 rules in simple
text format at 

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