Fox’s X-Men TV series casts Gotham star as Blink, first confirmed mutant

Do you even teleport bro?

Bryan Singer's upcoming X-Men TV series has cast its first mutant. Deadline has reported that the studio has brought in Gotham Star Jamie Chung as Blink, the mutant whos' main power is teleportation. 

The series still has no official name, and only a brief synopsis exists so far. It will entail two parents who discover their "ordinary" child is a mutant which forces them to go on the run from the government. They encounter an underground group of mutants who try to help them, and one of them is presumably Chung's Blink. Chung has not only appeared as Valerie Vale on Gotham, but also Mulan on ABCs Once Upon A Time.

Other than the brief synopsis, only the fact that Sentinels will be included on the show is known. Even a release date has not been announced yet. FOX has ordered a pilot for the series, so hopefully we'll hear more soon.