Fox’s X-Men TV series cast Agents of Shield actress Amy Acker in lead role

fast and furious announcements

Yet another casting announcement comes this week for Fox's X-Men TV series with the announcement of Amy Acker in a lead role. 

Acker (Agents of Shield, Angel) will play the role of Kate Stewart, the mother of the child mutant in the series. Kate is struggling with separation from her husband Reed (Stephen Moyer) but realizes she's stronger than she believes upon finding out her daughter Lauren (Natalie Alyn, Gotham) is a mutant. They go on the run from the government in order to save her daughter and end up running into a group of underground mutants. This group of mutants, which also contains Blink (Jamie Chung – Gotham) and Polaris (Emma Dumont).

Not much else is known about the show so far, with only the fact that it's set in the same universe as the films and sentinels will be included. The series is still untitled with no announced air date as of yet. 

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