Fox News wants you to play GTA 5

Maybe Fox News is "Fair and Balanced" after all? Since the Navy Yard shooting, mainstream media has attacked violent video games and put the primary blame on games like Call of Duty and Grand Theft Auto 5. Leading the witch hunt has been Fox News. It's gone as  far as Fox & Friends host Elisabeth "No one liked me on The View so here I am" Hasselbeck calling for "frequency testing" and tracking of game purchases. That, of course, sparked the Video Game Voters Network to launch a campaign against Fox News' biased coverage.

Maybe something has changed, because sitting at #10 on their 60 more must-have tech toys article is Grand Theft Auto 5.

I'll allow you to take that in. 

Fox News, who has said that mass killers often share obsession with violent video games, thinks that the violent GTA 5 is a must-have game. That's right — a game that Fox News compared to drugs is the same game they're suggesting people who love gadgets to purchase. 

So… they want us to play violent video games and kill people? Right from Fox News' post is this: "But, don't fret, it still has the classic GTA elements you've come to love, like customizable cars, guns galore, and the ability to step into the shoes of a hardened criminal."

My easily influenced mind doesn't know what to do with this…

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