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Learning Company to Debut State-of-the-Art Reader Rabbit CD-ROM Adventures


sound and animation, engaging new storylines, and lovable characters bring
these next-generation software titles to life for young children


ANGELES, CA – May 17, 2001 – The Learning Company today announced four all-new
Reader Rabbit adventures on CD-ROM. Designed for children in preschool through
2nd grade, these next- generation titles, featuring 16-bit color and sound,
transport children to fantastical places full of learning and discovery. All
four CD-ROM titles-Reader Rabbit Preschool: Sparkle Star Rescue!, Reader
Rabbit Kindergarten: Bounce Down in Balloon Town!, Reader Rabbit 1st Grade:
Capers on Cloud Nine! and Reader Rabbit 2nd Grade: Mis-cheese-ious Dreamship
Adventures!-will be available this summer for Windows and Macintosh, for an
approximate street price of $19.99.


mission is to give children an experience that parallels other popular
children’s media, like television and video games, and at the same time
instills confidence in parents that their children are learning," said
Eric Stone, senior vice president and general manager of The Learning
Company’s Education Division. "By presenting our time-tested learning
concepts in a richly animated environment, the new line of Reader Rabbit
software games represents the cornerstone of our efforts to keep our
best-known characters and top-selling brands exciting and relevant."


join Reader Rabbit, Sam the Lion, and a whole cast of characters with a fresh
new look in these animated adventures designed to teach essential curricular
skills. Each title introduces core curriculum, immersed in a fun, engaging
storyline, designed to delight and enchant young children. Two modes of
play-Adventure and Practice-allow children to concentrate on one particular
skill area, or play through the entire adventure focusing on a variety of
subjects and learning disciplines. Each skill-based activity has three levels
that automatically adjust to meet the child’s individual needs. Progress
tracking allows parents to monitor a child’s improvement in specific skill


Rabbit Preschool: Sparkle Star Rescue! In this preschool adventure, children
accompany Reader Rabbit and Sam the Lion to the Land of Sparkalot to help
bring back the sparkles that have suddenly disappeared. Children practice
concepts in mathematics, language arts and thinking, presented in multiple
skill-building activities-associating beginning letters and sounds, counting
and recognizing numbers, matching objects based on multiple attributes and
more. Songs, movies and engaging characters create a brilliant setting full of
fun places to discover and fascinating things to uncover.


Rabbit Kindergarten: Bounce Down in Balloon Town! Children join Reader Rabbit
and friends in this bouncy, balloon-filled adventure to rescue the amazing
Dreamship from a wrap trap at the Pointy Palace. Basic kindergarten concepts,
such as mathematics, phonics, reading and critical thinking, are presented in
educational activities. These engaging activities encourage exploration,
comprehension, listening and practice of learning concepts essential to early
success in school. Silly songs and charming movies are all part of a soft,
bouncy, colorful world that ensures learning will be memorable and fun.


Rabbit 1st Grade: Capers on Cloud Nine! Children are introduced to 1st grade
curriculum in this fun and challenging learning adventure when they join
Reader Rabbit and Sam the Lion on Cloud Nine, where umbrellas, raincoats and
galoshes have started to rain from the sky. Open-ended activities that allow
for creative expression, playful arcade-style games and problem solving
activities encourage multiple solutions and hours of play. Energetic young
children are sure to enjoy this wacky learning adventure that takes them on an
imaginative journey where almost anything can happen.


Rabbit 2nd Grade: Mis-cheese-ious Dreamship Adventures! Children learn
fundamental 2nd grade skills-math, language arts and science-in this madcap
adventure as they join Reader Rabbit and Sam the Lion to climb, scale and mine
their way up Mt. Cheesemore in search of the fabulous Dreamship. Educational
content is presented in several contexts including comprehension and
problem-solving activities, creative expression opportunities, arcade-style
learning games and exploration and imaginative play. This rich vivid voyage
into a cheesy world is sure to keep the most discriminating 2nd grader engaged
and entertained.


more than 17 years, Reader Rabbit software has provided parents of young
children with a fun and engaging at-home educational supplement to basic
school curriculum. First introduced in early reading software, today’s
products span the entire curriculum including reading, math, language arts,
science and critical thinking. They offer children a personalized learning
experience in the context of a fun and engaging storyline with animated
graphics. With more than 175 awards, the Reader Rabbit brand has become the
educational software parents and teachers trust to educate young children.


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