Four game modes featured in Dr. Luigi trailer

Living in those nostalgic days of Dr. Mario on the Game Boy? Have you been awaiting the revival of one of your favorite childhood franchises? Wait no longer. Although ol' Red Suspenders has hung up his scrubs, his brother has taken the call. Dr. Luigi is now all that stands between you and some nasty killer viruses.

In the newest Dr. Luigi trailer released by Nintendo, four game modes have been revealed. Operation L has Luigi tossing “L” shaped pills in the normal pill tossing motion. In this mode you’ll have to strategize where the left over pills pieces will end up more than usual – this mode is the flagship new mode in this title. In Virus Buster, you’ll use the Nintendo Wii U gamepad to well… bust viruses.  Retro Remedy plays identical to the Dr. Mario you grew up with and know so well. The final mode is a local and online competitive Multiplayer.

Fine, don’t take my word for it. Check out the video below: