Fortnite Chapter 2 is live now with new map and tons of additions

New map, mechanics and more

After a short stint in the endless void of a black hole, the massively popular battle royale sensation Fortnite is back again. With Chapter 2, Fortnite has gotten a massive overhaul with new gameplay mechanics, a new map and many more changes. Watch the launch trailer for the new chapter of Fortnite here!

Epic truly managed to create one of the most influential games of the generation with their own take on the battle royale genre. Fortnite originally started out as a single-player and co-op game with a focus on wave-based shooting and base building. But to be honest, we wouldn’t hold it against even the players of Fortnite themselves if they weren’t aware of it. The battle royale mode simply overshadowed everything else. It also helped that this portion is offered for free to everyone on basically every system under the sun.

As one of the most popular games, fans were eager what developer Epic was cooking behind closed doors when Fortnite disappeared into a black hole last week. It was obvious that some big changes were inbound, much more substantial than the regular season updates. And indeed, today Fortnite is back again in form of Chapter 2. This new milestone marks arguably the biggest turning point for the multiplayer game.

Chapter 2 comes jam-packed with new content and mechanics. The big addon is an all-new island map with 13 distinct locations. Anyone who grew too accustomed to the old map can look forward to discovering all the secrets and mysteries on this new island. A big part of the new map is lots of water. It’s much more than just nice to look at however with lots of gameplay mechanics added that make good use of the water, like swimming, boats, fishing and more.

You can read about the details of Chapter 2 in Epics blog posts here. Make also sure to check out what Season 1 for Chapter 2 has in store here.