Formerly Japanese exclusive karaoke game lands in NA

In Japan, Hudson developed a karaoke franchise titled Karaoke Joysound Wii. The series featured over 65,000 songs courtesy of karoake service provider Xing. It seems that Konami, which absorbed Hudson not too long ago, is bringing the series over to North America.

This lead surfaced after the ESRB posted an E10+ rating for the game. According to the rating board, Karaoke Joysound will feature mild lyrics such as "been dealing with chain smokers" and "been to the bottom of every bottle." Also, words such as "hell" and "damn" are included in some of the lyrics.

This also indicates that the game will feature a western soundtrack here in North America, as opposed to the Japanese music that was featured in the land of the rising sun's version. This makes sense. Hell, it makes more sense than the fact that Konami is still planning on breathing some life into the Wii, which we all know is on its last legs.

In Japan, Karaoke Joysound Wii is based on a subscription fee. By paying either 300 Wii Points on a daily basis or 2,000 Wii Points on a three-month basis, players have access to Xing's music database. We'll have to wait and see how Konami plans on carrying out the music streaming for the game here in North America.