Former World of Warcraft Team Lead to take Vanilla server petition to Blizzard

The dream is still alive.

Fans of vanilla World of Warcraft have started a petition to get Blizzard to add vanilla servers to World of Warcraft. If the petition gets 200,000 signatures the former WoW Team Lead, Mark Kern, will personally deliver the petition to Blizzard's CEO Mike Morhaime.

To recap: The whole vanilla WoW circus started when one of the biggest private servers, Nostalrius, got shut down via a Cease and Desist letter from Blizzard. When the servers died many players made in-game suicide pacts and met their fate together. After that, someone decided to DDoS all of Blizzards games and servers, making them unusable while also leaking some employees personal information. Lizard Squad claimed to have initiated the DDoS attack and hack, but no external sources has confirmed it.

The latest news in the vanilla server world is that the main team behind Nostalrius have started a petition to show how many people love vanilla WoW and want to play the game prior to all the game changing expansions.

The goal of this petition is to get Blizzard to create "real" vanilla servers that are legal and supported by Blizzard. Mark Kern, former Team Lead for WoW, will personally hand the petition over to Blizzard if it reaches 200,000 signatures. At the time of writing, it has already reached 159,419 signatures.

In an alleged message from Mark Kern on the petition page he said "Mike, I helped build this game for you, I hope you'll hear me out. Support these fans and dedicated gamers."

Maybe someday a real, legit, and Blizzard supported vanilla WoW server will exist. Starting a petition is a way better method to get Blizzard's attention than hacking and DDoSing them.