Former Sony exec calls the Vita “great,” but that it came “too late”

Yeah... about the Vita...

Back in 2014, Jack Tretton stepped down from his role as Sony Computer Entertainment America's (SCEA) President and CEO after 19 years. According to Tretton, his decision to leave was a "mutual agreement" with SCEA, but didn't offer any further details. 

With time between him and SCEA, Tretton has opened up about some of the things that happened while he was President and CEO. In an interview with IGN, Tretton finally commented on the struggling handheld from Sony, the PS Vita.

"Now that I don't work there anymore, I think internally it was: 'This is a great machine, it's just too late.' The world has shifted to portable devices that aren't dedicated gaming machines."

It wasn't all negative Tretton acknowledged that the Vita was "a nice machine" but it released "at a time when very few people needed a dedicated portable device." However, bad the Vita's sales have been, at least the PSP did well… right?