Forge of Freedom Anniversary Extravaganza!

December 4, 2007


Forge of Freedom

Anniversary Extravaganza!

Update, New Video and Holiday Sale!


Matrix Games and Western Civilization Software are pleased to announce a
special anniversary event for Forge of Freedom: The American Civil War
.  This event, coming one year after Forge of Freedom
was initially released, includes another major free update with many
improvements to the game, a new video to showcase Forge of Freedom as
it is now after a year of post-release development and a 25% discount on new
purchases of Forge of Freedom as part of the Matrix Games Holiday


Major New v1.10.10 Update!

the original release, the development team has been listening carefully to
customer feedback and improving all areas of the game to improve historicity
and gameplay.  Several significant updates have been the result and this
latest fine tunes the historical accuracy and game balance as close to
perfection as is possible while also improving the already excellent
strategic and tactical AI even further.  The dozens of improvements range
from better balance between camps, population and replacements to more
realistic diplomatic percentages, two siege phases instead of one, improved
scenario orders of battle and more realistic detailed battle frontage
rules.  Quick battle resolution was also carefully adjusted to bring into
better balance the effects of forts and terrain.


addition, we now have over 250 brief historical biographies included in the
game for the many generals on both sides, thanks to the diligent work of
many biographers.  One of the improvements in the orders of battle includes
the ability to now have generals start already assigned to their historical
divisions right from the first turn of a scenario, minimizing first turn
reorganization chores.


v1.10.10 Update is a Comprehensive Update which can be applied to all
previous versions of Forge of Freedom.  It can be downloaded from
GameZone’s Downloads section at : 

Forge of Freedom: The American Civil War 1861-1865 Patch v1.10.10


New Showcase Video!

A new
4+ minute high quality video released as part of this anniversary event
walks gamers through the scope and detail of Forge of Freedom,
showcasing the incredible ability of this game to re-create the American
Civil War and everything that still fascinates us to this day about this
terrible conflict where brother fought against brother.  We encourage
everyone who has not considered Forge of Freedom to give this video a
look; you might be surprised just how much it has to offer!


Forge of Freedom: The American Civil War 1861-1865 Showcase Video


Holiday Sale!

the first time since it was released, as part of the Matrix Games Holiday
Sale, Forge of Freedom is currently available direct from the Matrix
Games Online Store at a 25% discount off the regular price through the
entire holiday season.  See the Matrix Games website for more details.  The
version now available for download is fully updated to the latest 1.10.10. 
There has never been a better time to try this grand strategy masterpiece.


Heath, Director of Operations at Matrix Games, said “Forge of Freedom
is an outstanding game and is a remarkably realistic simulation of the
American Civil War.  Western Civilization Software has once again elevated
this title to a new level.  If you have an interest in the American Civil
War, you owe it to yourself to give this game a try.  The new video and sale
should make that decision even easier!”


Babe, Lead Developer at Western Civilization Software, stated, “We’re very
proud of how far Forge of Freedom has come since its original release
one year ago.  Virtually every aspect of the game has been improved in
response to player feedback.  We hope everyone enjoys the new upgraded
Forge of Freedom
as much as we enjoyed working on it.”


than seven-score years have passed since the start of this conflict that
pitted state against state, brother against brother and broke the chains of
slavery.  Forge of Freedom gives you a chance to relive history from
either side in a work of grand strategy.


the leader of the Union or the Confederacy, you will be faced with
historical decisions on the military, economic and diplomatic strategies to
pursue.  The diplomatic and economic systems have been streamlined and
improved since Crown of Glory to be more user-friendly and also
suited to the period.  Rather than multiple minor nations, each state has
its own Governor and they will make demands on you and shift their attitudes
according to events.  In addition, you will have to manage diplomacy with
the European powers to try to sway them towards or against intervention. 
Over 1,000 historical generals are included along with an option to know
their abilities ahead of time or have to find out the hard way, as happened
historically.  Railroads, rivers and cities all play important roles, as do
elections which occur at both state and national levels.  Every effort has
been made to bring you as thorough a simulation of the American Civil War as
is possible, from 1861 to 1865, from the skirmishes and raids in the West to
the pitched battles in the East and the Naval blockade.




  • The American Civil War, 1861-1865

  • Grand Strategy combined with Detailed Tactical Battles

  • Highly customizable gameplay via dozens of in-game options

  • Military, Diplomatic and Economic Decisions

  • Research Logistics, Tactics, Weaponry and other areas

  • Quick, Instant or Detailed Resolution of Battles

  • Detailed Combat supports Historical Leaders, Unit Morale, Diverse Unit
    Types, Command and Control, Weather, Smoke, Reinforcements, and more!

  • Streamlined Economics include Money, Labor, Horses, Iron, Guns and

  • Naval and Land Combat, including Sieges, Raiders, Partisans, Plundering,
    Interceptions, Fleet Combat, Port Attacks and Blockades

  • National Will and a historical Victory Point system

  • Computer Opponent plays either side

  • Diplomacy with Britain, France and Europe for trade and possible
    military intervention

  • Weather, Logistics, Fog of War

  • Play against the AI, via PBEM, LAN or hotseat

  • Standard Campaign from 1861-1865 as well three other historical
    scenarios with starting dates from July, 1861 to November, 1861, each
    balanced for a different play style.