Forbidden Worlds DLC coming to Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion next month

Hey, you there, Sins of Solar Empire: Rebellion player, you need some new DLC and you need it soon. How soon? How does June 5th sound? Good? Great, that’s exactly when Forbidden Worlds is being released for your 4X space pleasure. For the low price of $5, if you are a fan, this seems like an absolute no brainer. Does it come with new Steam achievements? You bet your space arse it does.

New content will include planet types, planet specialization, technologies, and planetary bonuses. Don’t you worry, the war between the rebel and loyalist TEC, Advent, and Vasari still rages on. New there are just more options to this ongoing war. Who do you side with? Who do you crush? You have until June 5th to figure this out.