For Honor has lost over 90% of its constant player base on Steam since launch

From 45K at launch to 2,862 this past week.

Coming into 2017, For Honor stood among the year's most anticipated games for its novel take on competitive multiplayer. Unfortunately, server issues, mainly as a result of P2P connectivity have severely dampened the excitement surrounding the game over the past three and a half months. SteamDB, which keeps track of concurrent player usage across Valve's mega digital games platform has some relatively alarming numbers regarding For Honor, as over 90% of the game's player base has dropped off since launch. 

It's not unusual for player bases in multiplayer games to level off after launch, as there is usually only a select few elite games that ever manage to keep players coming back. But as GitHyp reports, the drop is Steam's worst in the same time frame since another of Ubisoft's multiplayer focused games, The Division.

In the past week, the peak number of Steam users that have played For Honor is 2,862, which is 93.77% lower than the game's all-time peak of 45,944. Couple this with the "Mostly Negative" user reviews the game has gotten from Steam users over the last 30 days, and the dropoff makes even more sense.

Now, that said all should not be considered gloom and doom. While Ubisoft's recent history with multiplayer games at launch has proven to be shaky at best, both The Division and Rainbow Six: Siege have seen significant turnarounds in quality post-launch. Given Ubisoft's deep financial resources and a player base that cares enough about the game to boycott playing it, there's potential here for things to get better with For Honor. 

That said, there's a lesson in patience here…somewhere.

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