Flyff Introduces the Forsaken Tower and its Secret Rooms

September 18, 2008

Introduces the Forsaken Tower and its Secret Rooms

Flyff, the first title from Gala-Net Inc., will
soon release one of its most anticipated updates later this Fall for Version 12
(V.12) – the Forsaken Tower and its Secret Rooms.

The Forsaken Tower is a new dungeon for mid to
high level players who are brave enough to set foot inside. The Forsaken Tower
is located at the south of Flaris and is unlike any other dungeons in Madrigal.
The tower hosts 5 floors, each of which has unique monsters inspired from
different mythologies from around the world. In addition, upon the top of the
Forsaken Tower are two rooms which give guilds the chance to obtain powers never
seen before. In order to access the Secret Rooms and reap the benefits of the
power it contains, guilds must compete to win access. The guilds will complete
weekly against a challenging new enemy who sits upon the top of the tower.
Winning guilds from both of the secret rooms will be granted the power to set
tax rates in the major cities of the game. Controlling guilds will receive their
share of the taxes earned on a daily basis.

“The competition for the Secret Rooms in V.12
will be intense,” said Senior Producer Keehwan Her. “Flyff is a very closely
knitted community, and this new dungeon will not only bring new territories for
players to explore, but it will also challenge guilds from all around the

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