Flight Simulator 2000 Wins Big at MicroWINGS Conference


Title Takes Home Six “Simmy” Awards Including Best Overall Simulator

Microsoft today announced that Flight Simulator 2000 was awarded six “Simmy” awards during last week’s MicroWINGS conference, including top honors for Best Overall Simulator. The MicroWINGS Flight Simmy Award is one of the most prestigious awards available in the flight simulation arena, symbolizing the pinnacle of achievement in the genre. MicroWINGS is a four day conference targeted at the flight simulation community, attracting major players in the industry as well as offering attendees the chance to see the latest simulation products and speak with developers.

The MicroWINGS Flight Simmy Awards are presented for various categories of hardware and software related to PC-based flight simulation. Flight Simulator 2000 took home the most awards of any flight simulation title, garnering the following honors:

Best Overall Simulator
Best Default Scenery 
Best Default Sounds 
Best Default Weather 
Best VFR Sim 
Best IFR Sim 

The MicroWINGS Flight Simulation Conference is “the event” for flight simulation enthusiasts. Many of the top flight sim titles are discussed, exhibited, and/or demonstrated. Attendees have the opportunity to hear, see, and in most cases, actually try out the latest PC-based flight simulations, joysticks, yokes, panels, and even complete cockpits. They also hear about the latest technologies, see demonstrations, learn tips & tricks, find out about cockpit building, and more.

Microsoft Flight Simulator 2000 provides desktop pilots with the most realistic flight simulation available for the PC. For the first time, PC pilots can jump inside the cockpit of the Concorde, download real-world weather for their destination and take off to one of more than 21,000 worldwide airports. Flight Simulator 2000 continues Microsoft’s tradition of working directly with aircraft manufacturers, pilot organizations, flight training organizations, respected flight instructors, aeronautical engineers, and other leaders in aviation to add authenticity and experience to the product. Key partners include Jeppesen Sanderson, Cessna, the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association (AOPA), Flight Safety International, Bell Helicopter Textron Inc., Mooney Aircraft Corp., Systems Management Inc.; and pilots John and Martha King, Rod Machado and Patty Wagstaff. Flight Simulator 2000 is currently available at retail locations around the globe.

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