Flappy Bird could return to iTunes and Google Play with a warning message

The new-famed Dong Nguyen is considering bringing back his lovably frustrating mobile game, Flappy Bird, which was recently removed from the iTunes App Store and Google Play for its "addictive" nature. Following the game's rise to the top of the mobile game charts, Nguyen pulled it from the stores despite making a profit of nearly $50,000 a day from it.

Speaking to Rolling Stone, Nguyen reiterated that it was the game's addictive quality that caused him to pull the game, specifically recalling emails and messages from people blaming him and the game for ruining their lives. Nguyen claims to be in a "good" place now, and is even "considering" bringing Flappy Bird back. If he were to do that, however, he says it'll come with a warning that reads: "Please take a break."

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