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Game Due March 2001


MA – (December 20, 2000) – Fishtank Interactive introduces "Evil
Islands(tm): Curse of the Lost Soul," a unique, new title combining
action, strategy and role-playing in a fantasy adventure. "Evil
Islands" is a balanced blend of gripping combat based on clever tactical
and strategic planning. Moving freely between fabulously scenic and diverse
game areas in a 3D interactive role-playing environment, the player travels
alone or in command of a small, potent party of adventurers wielding both
magical and fighting skills. The course of events unrolls with fatal speed to
carry the player away to dazzling adventures full of traps and treachery.


assume the role of Zak who awakens, unaware of who or where he is, on the
shores of Gipat, one of three strange and mysterious islands floating in the
astral halo. To solve the mystery of his identity, Zak, at first alone and
later with his companions, relies on wit and courage to combat numerous
enemies and complete quests on each of the three, distinctly different
islands. Packed with challenging enigmas and a dark history, "Evil
Islands" features mysterious lands, each immersed in its own web of
riddles and legend.


playing adventure-action games have evolved into the richest kind of
interactive gaming experience attracting some of the world’s best game
designers, artists and programmers. Fishtank’s goal is to bring the best of
world-class gaming to American gamers" said Jerry Wolosenko gaming
industry veteran and head of Fishtank Interactive activities in the North
America. "With its rich storyline, beautiful 3D graphics, numerous
missions and unparalleled challenge to player’s wits and strategic thinking,
‘Evil Islands’ is the perfect American debut title for us."

Islands" features a robust combat system that emphasizes strategy rather
than direct attack; and, to ensure players interact with the storyline rather
than mindlessly kill monsters, experience for completing quests will far
outweigh the experience gained in combat. The game forces players to think
tactically since the battle party will often be outnumbered in combat.
Meticulously planning their combat scenario, players maximize their combat
effectiveness by relying on stealth, spell casting and utilization of a
location attack system that allows precise hits against vulnerable parts of
the opponent’s body (head, arms, body, etc.).


the non-linear character development design, players are not limited to one
distinct character type during the game; they may empower their characters
with many skills and abilities. Because "Evil Islands" requires no
pre-determined skill path, warriors can opt to cast spells while wizards may
perfect hand-to-hand combat. Gamers control up to three characters
simultaneously, and can choose among these carefully cultivated characters to
effectively complete the quest at hand.


of the most innovative features of the game is the constructor system for
items and spells. With the item constructor, players can reassemble armor and
weapons to include unusually destructive properties. Utilizing magic
constructors for example, players can transform an ordinary bronze axe into a
lethal steel battle-axe with a fire spell.


Evil Islands features include:

Over 20 game locations on three mammoth islands – Gipat, Ingos and Suslanger –
each with unique inhabitants, traditions, climate and monsters. 

80 missions totaling 100 hours of gameplay. 

3D engine with real-time weather and day/night changes. 

Internet and LAN multiplayer support. 

Over 300 different wild animals and monsters to encounter. 

A true 3D high-end technology engine featuring free camera, a level of detail
up to 30,000 polygons per frame and an easily customizable 3D interface. 

Dazzling special effects, including: real-time weather and day/night change,
wind direction and velocity, waves, smoke and fire. 

Unique morphing technology visually shows changes in character and creature
appearance during game play. 

Stunning realism includes detailed visualization of weapons, armor, wounds
sustained in the course of battle, even bloodstains and footprints on the


Islands" is due to ship March 2001 for the PC platform. More information
about the game is available at


Nival Interactive 

of Russia’s premier gaming companies, Nival has created the popular Rage of
Mages series and other interactive titles.


Fishtank Interactive 

Interactive, located in Boston, MA, is a division of Ravensburger Interactive
GmbH, a wholly owned subsidiary of Ravensburger AG, Germany’s largest
manufacturer of puzzles and board games.


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