FishTank Announces Arx Fatalis RPG this November



Fantasy Role-Playing Game Takes Players to the Depths of the Underworld

BOSTON, MA – (June 21, 2001) – Fishtank
Interactive, a division of Ravensburger Interactive Media and a publisher of
PC and console-based interactive games, announced today that their fantasy
role-playing game "Arx Fatalis" is set to ship this November.
Inspired by classic RPG’s, developer Arkane Studios plunges players in the
unexplored depths of the underworld where mystery and adventure are linked to
a deep, satisfying storyline.

"’Arx Fatalis’ is about integrity of game
design," said Jerry Wolosenko, head of Fishtank Interactive in North
America. "Arkane Studios has created an immersive environment where the
player will experience a strange, sinister and graphically intense world. This
game is destined to become a classic fantasy RPG title."

About "Arx Fatalis" Set in Arx, a
dark, mysterious realm of subterranean urban fantasy, "Arx Fatalis"
is a gripping epic of the conflict between light and dark. Akbaa, the almighty
god of Chaos, covets the world of Arx. His threatening presence forces
inhabitants of Arx to flee their city seeking refuge in inhospitable areas of
the vast underground. Through bloody human sacrifices, Akbaa and his minions
will prevail and possess Arx unless they are thwarted in their rapacious quest
by someone with the courage, skill and intelligence to mount a bold

The game features vast underground cities and
giant caverns complete with dungeons, sewers and several dark, subterranean
locations. The player progresses through a meticulously constructed world to
prevent a diabolical cult from summoning an evil deity to the mortal plane.
Based on a medieval fantasy storyline, "Arx Fatalis" offers a rich
gaming experience enhanced by fantastic pyrotechnics and a detailed cast of

Additional features for "Arx Fatalis"
include: * Epic role-playing fantasy storyline with lots of sub-quests and a
large number of interesting characters * Unique combat and magic system,
including 50 different spells * Innovative spell casting based on direct
on-screen gesture system * Detailed real-time 3D interactive environments
utilizing next-generation graphics technology * Spectacular lighting and
particle effects enhancing the intensity of the atmosphere * Both an intense
single player experience and a unique online multiplayer death match mode

More information about "Arx Fatalis"
is available at

About Fishtank Interactive Fishtank Interactive
is a worldwide publisher of PC and console based interactive games with
offices in Munich and Ravensburg, Germany; Boston and Newton, New Hampshire
USA and Paris, France. The company works with some of the most innovative and
experienced game developers in Europe while expanding its development and
publishing resources in North America. Fishtank Interactive is a trademark of
Ravensburger Interactive Media, GmbH a wholly owned subsidiary of Ravensburger
AG, Germany’s largest manufacturer of puzzles and board games.

About Arkane Studios Arkane Studios, a
developer of interactive games based in Lyons, France, is dedicated to
creating original, top-quality games in the RPG/Adventure genre. The company
is composed of experienced programmers and artists who have worked with
leading European and American game companies and have created some of the
leading PC and console titles in recent years.

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