First Screenshots and Info for Dungeon Raiders

April 10, 2009

First Screenshots and Info for
Dungeon Raiders

Cyanide and Focus Home Interactive
are proud the announce the upcoming release of Dungeon Raiders for the Nintendo
DS, a new fun and crazy action/adventure game in which you control a team of
unlikely heroes with unique backgrounds as they undertake the craziest quest
ever! On this occasion, Focus Home Interactive is offering the first set of
screenshots from this fun and humorous action/adventure game.

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Play a delirious trio: Glandalf, the
cinema loving wizard, Luigi, the failed thief, and Extermino, the executioner
who thinks with his axe rather than his head! Visit the huge dungeons scattered
with countless traps, repel the onslaught of hundreds of wild creatures haunting
the place and determined to stand in your way, and solve dozens of riddles and
puzzles. From the Pirates caves to the heart of the Egyptian pyramids, through
the corridors of the Dracula’s castle, Dungeon Raiders will carry you into the
world’s craziest places through the most delirious quests.

With gameplay specifically conceived
and designed for the Nintendo DS; using the functionality of the touch screen,
the stylus and the microphone to activate mechanisms, avoid pitfalls and crush
your enemies! The clever spell system is a major support to overcome the puzzles
and monsters awaiting you at every corner of the numerous dungeons that you’ll
visit. Quickly draw magical symbols with the stylus on the screen of your
Nintendo DS and use your spells in action! From the Toilet Plunger to
Telekinesis and Speed Fart to Duplication, there are many more or less serious
spells to unlock over the levels that you will enable you to fulfill this crazy

Dungeon Raiders will be released on
Nintendo DS in Summer 2009.