First Scenes From Drakensang On Show At E3

May 10 2006

[email protected] 2006: First scenes
from Drakensang on show at E3

ANACONDA is on location at the
Electronic Entertainment Expo 2006 in Los Angeles, the world’s biggest computer
and video game trade expo: the developers from Radon Labs have gone the extra
mile to complete a first version of the upcoming blockbuster RPG Drakensang: The
Dark Eye, scheduled for release in the 4th quarter of 2007, in time for E3.
Visitors can have a first look at the world of Drakensang as they explore a
small village. The already partly playable version gives a very good impression
of the look & feel the project is headed for.

For all fans of Drakensang,
ANANCONDA today released two new screenshots taken from the E3 build.

Drakensang brings back epic
party-based RPG gameplay in a breathtakingly detailed world, based on one of the
world’s biggest pen & paper franchises. With incredible eye for detail, the
world of Aventuria comes alive on the PC in state-of-the-art 3D graphics that
bring to life the epic vistas and stunning variety of this one-of-a-kind fantasy

Drakensang: The Dark Eye PC screenshots

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