First Piece of LA Noire Literature Posted by Rockstar

LA Noire is now a little over a week away from launch, and gamers are eagerly anticipating the game’s release on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. What can you do to tie you over until May 17? How about check out some official LA Noire literature?

The first of eight installments in the LA Noire original short fiction series has been published on the game’s official site. Titled “What’s In a Name?,” the first chapter of LA Noire: The Collected Series tells the tale of a deranged individual with a haunting past. The fiction is rife with 1940s lingo and personality, so if you want to prepare for the game, be sure to check out the series in its entirety.

You can download the PDF version of the story or access the browser-based edition. A teaser for the next chapter, “The Girl,” is currently readable on the site, as well. Of course, if you’d rather wait for all of the stories to come out, they’ll be hitting eBook retailers on June 6.

Dedicated gamers will want to read the first story before the game’s launch, though. It does a good job of putting you in that 1940s vibe and setting the mood. I read it and found myself even more excited for the launch of LA Noire.

Be sure to read “What’s In a Name?” if you’re interested in knowing more about the story of LA Noire.