First MMO Interzone Futebol Trailer Released by Interzone Entertainment

August 21, 2008

First MMO Interzone Futebol
Trailer Released by Interzone Entertainment

Interzone Futebol makes its action
debut today with the release of its first trailer at

The trailer takes gamers and soccer
fans on a 90-second odyssey through the colorful 3D virtual world of Rio de
Janeiro, shows crowds of Brazilians enjoying the beaches, shops, and urban life
in the city’s Ipanema neighborhood, and culminates with an exciting, fast-paced
soccer competition in a giant stadium.

“Our first trailer gives viewers a
fun glimpse into the world of soccer and the rich life inside our virtual
world,” said Interzone Entertainment president Marty Brickey. “There is
something fun for soccer players of all levels, and for non-soccer players who
can enjoy a wide variety of activities we offer in Interzone Futebol.”

About Interzone Futebol

Interzone Futebol is a virtual world
game centered on futebol (soccer in the U.S.), the most popular sport in the
world. The first city in this virtual world is Rio de Janeiro complete with
neighborhoods, shops, social interaction with friends, and the club scene with
the music which plays such an important role in the lives of youth culture in
Brazil and around the world. Gamers control all positions – even the goal keeper
which is unique in the world of futebol games – and enjoy fierce competitions on
the pitch.

More details about upcoming
international versions of Interzone Futebol will be released soon. For more
information, visit
. The game will be featured in Interzone
Entertainment’s booth 104 at the Austin Game Developer Conference Expo in
Austin, Texas, September 16-17, 2008.