First screenshots appear for Renegade Kid’s gold-hoarder Treasurenauts

Nintendo Force has the first screenshots of developer Renegade Kid's next game, Treasurenauts.

The magazine started up this year to pick up where the beloved Nintendo Power left off when it printed its last issue in December. The latest issue of Nintendo Force — issue No. 3 — contains the exclusive scoop on Treasurenauts.

Renegade Kid — the maker of Mutant Mudds — confirmed the title in February, keeping many details a secret. The game is due in Q4 this year and supports local multiplayer, according to Tiny Cartridge. It also seems to feature eight playable characters, some of which are a mystery.

Players collect treasure, which serves as their health, and you can lose it like in Sonic.

We'll have more information about the game soon.

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