First puzzle pack for Quantum Conundrum available

Just yesterday, Square Enix’s Quantum Conundrum released its very first puzzle pack.  The first-person environmental puzzle game from Airtight Games brings you the complex dimensional problem solving that has always been vacant in your life.  If you’ve completed this game and have been demanding more, that time has come.

Desmond Debacle is the name of this DLC.  Here you will travel into an unexplored wing of the Quadwrangle Manor labyrinthine.  Your old friend and drinking bird, Desmond, is back and more multi-dimensional puzzles for you.  There can never be enough fluffy.

You’re able to buy Desmond Debacle on Steam or PlayStation Network for $2.99 and Xbox LIVE Arcade for 240 Microsoft Points.  Pick it up today if you didn’t yesterday already.

What dimension am I in right now?  Why do the posters in my office keep changing?