First poster for ‘Texas Chainsaw 3D’… I didn’t need to sleep tonight anyways

Creepy faces really creep me out. And I really don't like when bad guys wear other people's faces as masks. Maybe that's why Texas Chainsaw Massacre freaked me out… the first time I saw it. Hasn't their beeen like 15 more since the first one? Regardless, that doesn't mean the poster for the new one, Texas Chainsaw 3D, isn't creepy. But you know what always ruins horror movies? 3D! It's cheap and there's always an effect that is thrown in there for the 3D purpose. Like, I bet at one point you'll have a chainsaw fly out at you.

So what is Texas Chainsaw 3D about? Well, it picks up where the original film left off. Authorities have been alerted as to what's been going on at the Sawyer house, and angry citizens burn the place to the ground. Years later, a young woman — probably really attractive — travels to Texas to collect an inheritance estate from an unknown relative. Do you think the estate is normal? Of course not! There's horrors about to be unleashed.

texas chainsaw 3d poster

There's not really any big names in the film, but Alexandra Daddario is in it, and she's rather pretty, so she's probably the one that inherits all of these nightmares. It's being helmed by Takers director John Luessenhop and is set to hit theaters January 4, 2013.

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[Source: Totalfilm]