First look at Disney Infinity 3.0 reveals Star Wars Starter Set

Leaked Disney Infinity box reveals Clone Wars, along with Star Wars original and prequel trilogy content

Two years ago, when Disney acquired all Star Wars rights, one of the many things we wished would happen was a Star Wars Play Set for Disney Infinity. After all, given Infinity's limitless potential, a Star Wars themed Play Set seemed like the perfect fit.

Today's leak, courtesy of Diskingdom, who found a listing on a German retailer site, finally confirms that the next iteration of Disney Infinity will indeed come as a Star Wars Starter Set. Earlier this month, screenshots of new characters coming with Infinity 3.0 were leaked, but none of them were Star Wars related. This led me to believe that the core starter set or one of the Play Sets would be Star Wars themed.

The Starter Set appears to be Clone Wars themed, except it looks like it will encapsulate more than just the TV show. The two characters included are Anakin Skywalker and Ahsoka Tano. The box, however, also shows characters like Leia, which leads us to believe that the original trilogy will be included. There's also Obi-wan in a pod racer, which more than confirms the prequel trilogy would be included as well (UGH!)

While I love the idea, I was extremely underwhelmed by Disney Infinity 2.0. The original game had a ton of Play Sets, providing a ton of variety, while 2.0 only focused on super hero sets like Avengers and Guardians of the Galaxy. There was also a much bigger focus on Toy Box mode which never really resonated with me, though I admit I might be in the minority there.

There was no official announcement made by Disney, but this seems to be pretty legit. Are you excited for a Star Wars themed Disney Infinity?