First Ever Minecraft Convention Sold Out

Fans hoping to get some last minute tickets to Minecon are all out of luck.  According Carl Manneh, Managing Director at Mojang, "MineCon is now officially sold out."

4,500 fans will gather together at the first ever MineCon – a convention dedicated to all things Minecraft, and Mojang's other games.  It looks like the only thing that prevented more fans from coming was the size of the space.  "We can't fit more people unfortunately, " explained Carl.

MineCon is being hosted in Las Vegas on November 18 and 19, where fans will gather to celebrate the official "full" launch of the game that started it all for Mojang – Minecraft.  Although the Minecraft PC version release is going to be a big deal, there has been a flurry of other Minecraft related news that have stolen some of the spotlight away from the PC version.

Most recently, it was announced that Minecraft is heading to Xbox Live Arcade in Spring 2012 and MineCon will have the first playable demo for the Xbox 360 version.

Earlier, it was also revealed that Mojang's other hopeful big-hit, Scrolls, will have a "rough" playable demo.

It's going to be a huge celebration that will culminate in the release of Minecraft on the PC, a game that has already sold over 3 million copies.  Minecraft just had another 1.9 version 5 update go live yesterday.

According to the official Minecraft site:

MineCon is now sold out. Thank you to everyone who bought a ticket. We are now working hard to make the best event possible for all Minecraft fans.

See you in Vegas!

Will you be attending MineCon this year?